Thursday, January 3, 2008

Report from Art Bloggers @ Miami Beach, 2007

We met on Friday, December 7, in the lobby of the Flow Fair on Collins Avenue. Our turnout was small but strong: Paddy Johnson from Art Fag City, Andrea Kirsh from the Fallon and Rosof Art Blog, and Amy Wilson from Working. Gallerist Nohra Haime sat in in the group as well. We discussed what we’d seen, then talked about our blogs and our own work (visual art, criticism, curating, teaching). We had bagels, coffee and fruit thanks to the spread Matt Garson provided (not for us specifically, for the Curator’s Brunch at Flow, but we partook). We’ll definitely meet again next year at the fair—and probably during Armory Time in New York in March, too. Stay tuned. (Special thanks to Matt for generously letting us convene at his venue.)

--Joanne Mattera


Links to blog coverage of the 2007 Miami fairs:
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Andrea Kirsch on Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof's Artblog

Art Fag City (coverage begins on the December 5 post)

C-Monster (coverage starts on December 1 post)

Thinking About Art (make sure to see all four parts)

Fountain Blog

Fountain pics on Flicker

If you covered the fairs on your blog, please feel free to send the link to twocoatsofpaint (at) and we'll add you to the list.

Mainstream media coverage:

Art Newspaper
Globe and Mail Read Sarah Milroy's amusing account of her first trip to the fairs
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Regina Hackett reports on the Northwest galleries and more
Basel Blog at NY Magazine with Alexandra Peers
NYTimes Fashion & Style section
Flash Art

Here's a list of all the 2007 fairs in Miami, with contact information. Thanks to Edward Winkleman for the link.


We're already organizing Art Bloggers@Maimi Beach, 2008, so if you're at the fairs, we hope you'll plan on stopping by.

Location to be announced.

Friday, 10am-11am, maybe.

Look for our sign and buttons with the Art Blogger Miami Beach logo.


• Coffee and food might be provided. We'll see what we can come up with.

• Agenda? None, except to say hello and talk shop. Discussions are welcome.

• Do I have to RSVP? No, but you can e-mail one of us to let us know you're coming.

• Do I have to wear a name tag? You mean you want to be anonymous here, too?

• When should I make reservations? Now. Book your hotel and flight as soon as possible.

• Will you do this again in New York at Armory Fair time? Yes, the dates have not been arranged, but the fair is March 27-30, 2008.

• As we settle more details, nail down the location, and have more info to share, we'll post it on this blog, so add the address to your feeds list.

• What if I have additional questions? E-mail one of us. Sharon L. Butler /
Joanne Mattera /

See you in Miami in 2008.

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